A woman hired me to help her find an apartment. I realized she had a really good deal. She's in a rent stabilized apartment which no one can ever really replicate. "But I have to move," she moaned. "I have holes in my bathroom walls, mice get in, management is horrible."

I listened and understood and then said: "I can help you get all that fixed and help you get your rent lowered." "Seriously?" "Yes, seriously," I replied. 

A friend of a past client called me. She was frantic. "I had to move out of my apartment. It was uninhabitable! I went back to get my things and they were gone. Can you help me?"

I helped her get back all the rent she paid from day one, her hotel bill, the food expense, as well as the equivalent of the things that the landlord improperly removed from her apartment. She received a check from the landlord in the approximately $50,000.00 range.

I received a phone call from an AptStar client from earlier this year. He had an issue. The heat in the building stopped working. "What do I do?"

I had just the solution for this scenario and got the management on the phone immediately.


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