One of my newest clients sent me about seven referrals and one of these people said to me:

What I know about you is that you’re going to find me the perfect apartment and maybe all I need to do is see the one you like the best.

Wow. That's soul satisfaction. 

Another client confessed:

"It's so stressful because when you find out you have to move you have like 30 days. Within those 30 days you still have a full-time job. Then you have to deal with all the fake ads and all the brokers who waste your time. I couldn't sleep at night; it was that intense, until I stumbled upon you."

Once I helped Hurricane Katrina survivors I realized I could help the rental consumer in my home town: New York City. It’s been incredibly rewarding.
— Kirby

In 2005 I founded Katrina Home Drive (KHD), a completely volunteer driven community of people throughout the United States who wanted to help displaced evacuees. Through KHD I was able to help people and families to new homes and a new start. 

I shut down my lucrative commercial real estate office on Park Avenue and dedicated myself to helping renters in my home town: New York City. I was the first person to remove the tag along broker from the real estate transaction. I did this because with only a phone and a computer I'd been successful in helping thousands of Katrina survivors. So I implemented this idea in helping renters save on broker fees. 

Without knowing it I’d stumbled upon a need. It was more than a human connection; it was my ability to be a person’s advocate.
— Kirby

This lead to a stunning response from the people I helped. I did no advertising, yet my phone didn't stop ringing. Without knowing it I'd stumbled upon a need.

The human connection.

I don't just help people bypass broker fees, I help people bypass bad apartments and bad landlords. I look after you. I want to make sure you're happy after you move in. Brokers don't do this. They never will.

For me, it's personal.