Flat one time cost of $1000.

Applies to rentals priced at or below $2,999/mo.

For rentals priced at $3,000mo-$4,999/mo the flat one time cost = $1250

For rentals priced at $5,000-$10,000/mo the flat one time cost = $1500

An additional $150 for:

1) Each additional adult person.

2) Guarantor.

3) Pet.

4) Short-term.

5) Roommate search.

6) Relocating from another city, state or country.


A la carte menu / One offs


If you just want a specific service, such as: a full background report on an apartment you wish to rent, the flat cost for this is $250.

If you have a request that is not a basic apartment search, such as short-term, unusual circumstances (bankruptcy, no credit in the United States, or some other situation that requires a very specific solution) the cost will be slightly higher to accommodate the time it will take to help you.


If you are accepted into the AptStar Program it is because Kirby can help you. We deny 9 out of 10 requests.

Our goal for the people we accept into AptStar is to save you money and help you rent the best apartment.