Unlike traditional cookie-cutter apartment brokerage firms based on commission and impersonal transactions I created AptStar to serve as your advocate. Renting an apartment is a significant financial investment. Having someone on your side to help you rent from a responsible landlord saves you more than just money.


First, getting to know you.

To learn about what your likes and dislikes, budget and what “best apartment” means to you. You’ll learn all the different ways AptStar can save you time and money.


Next, we formulate best option.

Based on your wish list, move-in date and budget using our 20 year plus years of knowledge of about landlords, buildings and apartments in your specific desired location.

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Then, you get a personalized plan.

Includes best hand selected apartments you can see in one day. You will also receive detailed information including photos, tips on getting approved and getting the best price.


Offering you three options. Never a broker fee. Best apartments. Better landlords.


Let’s talk and see which AptStar plan fits you best.


Soon you will send a review like these:

I could not be more satisfied with Kirby’s AptStar Program. The whole experience was phenomenal.
— Aaron Kravitz, Software Engineer at Google
You’ll be esctatic you made the decision to let Kirby Sommers help you via her Aptstar Program. I know I am.
— Nathan McBain, Technical Director at Yahoo
The AptStar Program is a no brainer. Kirby is incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and bats only for you.
— Hari Adarsh Sripathi, PriceWaterhouseCoopers