A bright scientist at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies at Columbia University called me with what seemed to him an insurmountable problem. He has a 43lb dog and had been turned down by two landlords because of the weight of his dog. 

"I love him. I cant get rid of him. I just need to find an apartment." 

I accepted him into my AptStar Program faster than you can say "lift off!" 

While in document preparation stage (which is the first step of my AptStar Program) I instructed him to take a photo of his much loved dog, who I will call "Bob" (not his real name) next to the largest piece of furniture in his apartment. 

I then instructed him to tell prospective new landlords that Bob weighs in at 37lbs. 

To explain the pet policy in apartment rentals in Manhattan: Many landlords in the city have a zero pet policy. Then there are those who have a 12lb max while a very few will accept dogs whose weight does not exceed 40lbs. 

On the day of his "go see" my NASA scientist fell in love with the first apartment on his list. As instructed he handed over his financials, including the very cute photo of Bob, when he applied for the apartment. 

"They accepted me and never once even mentioned the dog," he exclaimed with delight. 

Another yay for me and for Bob who now has a place to live.