By having Kirby Sommers find your new apartment, you agree that none of the information sent to you (which has been specifically selected for you) will be shared with any other person. You acknowledge that sharing apartment information with anyone who will not be living in the apartment may result in immediate dismissal from the AptStar Program. (We ask this because sometimes real estate agents and real estate brokers try to use AptStar and this service was created to help renters only).


1. You agree to see apartments on the assigned date(s) as this will help you get the apartment of your choice.

2. You agree to notify Kirby Sommers at every stage of the viewing process on the selected date(s) as her advice during the process may help you save even more money.

3. You agree that Kirby is performing the apartment search for you and you are aware that she carefully chooses apartments sent to you. The goal is to help you get the best possible apartment with a good landlord and help you from making costly rental mistakes.

4. Should you find an apartment online and want Kirby to track it down for you, you understand a) this is not the AptStar format; b) we will determine, on a case by case basis, whether you will charged extra for the effort in finding the landlord of a specific apartment on your behalf.

5. You understand that if you disappear during your AptStar search, unless you have expressly told Kirby you will be out of town for a specified period of time – you will be recharged for the AptStar Program when you wish to resume your search. (Based on Kirby’s time, scheduling availability).

6. You understand that a change in your agreed upon AptStar search such as a different move in date, or a different apartment size (for example you wanted a one bedroom, but then decide you want a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment) – this will result in either additional charges or dismissal from the AptStar Program

7. The AptStar Program is offered as a consultation service, not as a commission-based broker. The Service Cost covers Kirby's time and extensive expertise. Once you are accepted into the program, there are absolutely no refunds. By participating fully with Kirby Sommers in your apartment search, your apartment search will yield the desired results. 

8. All clients are expected to write a review of Kirby's AptStar Program within 2 days (48 hours) of submitting an application on an apartment and being approved. Please note: it may be used on our website (along with your photo). Your cooperation would be most appreciated. Thank you.

The AptStar Program’s goal is to have you receive the best service; save you broker fees; save you even more money (if there is money hiding in the asking price); help you avoid rental mistakes (that can be determined using our proprietary database); and to help you get approved for the apartment of your choice.



Following these simple rules helps me help you.
— Kirby Sommers