I have the capability and experience to deliver a broad range of problem solving services to help you. No two situations are ever the same. I tailor a unique plan of action for your rental/sales goals. 

Some of my ‘Other Services’ include (but are not limited to):


Relocation to New York City

Are you relocating to New York City from another city or another country?

Price, Size, Location. Unless you have deep pockets, you are not going to get all three. I help you find the best possible apartment within your parameters and help you explore alternatives. With over two decades of helping people relocate I have discovered that no two people have the same requirements and there is no one answer fits all solution. Custom solution for your needs.

Cost: Basic Aptstar price plus additional $250


Stay, leave or rent another apartment?

Sometimes you are forced to make a decision. Do you stay in your apartment, move to another one, or leave the state entirely? Don’t panic. I’ll help you figure out what to do. The idea of moving can be overwhelming. I’ll explore your options and give you a workable plan.

Cost: To be determined.


Senior help.

Your parent or loved one is no longer able to stay in their home or apartment but the answer is not a nursing home.

Seniors who want to age at home have trouble finding suitable rentals. You or your loved one may be asset rich but income poor. Landlords want to see income of 40-50 times the monthly rent. For example: if the apartment rents for $3,000/mo the landlord wants to see income of $120/k to $150/k annually. If your money is not in a bank account it isn’t considered a liquid asset.

I find solutions to help seniors rent an apartment. Every situation is unique and my help is tailored to fit you and your loved one’s specific situation.

Cost: To be determined.


Advice aka Consulting aka “One-off”

You are in a rental and are having issues with your landlord, apartment, repairs, neighbor or roommate(s).


You have experienced a catastrophic disaster such as a hurricane (i.e. Superstorm Sandy), a fire, or have been displaced from your home/apartment for reasons not of your doing. You’re a mess and you need help.

I have worked with people who were displaced during Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Harvey and know that you need guidance with a gentle hand. If you find yourself in a situation that seems to have no answer and want someone to help you find your way back to a stable housing solution, I can help.

Cost: To be determined.