It's been insanely busy but that's always rewarded by happy clients

It’s been busy. I have five clients this week all of whom have the same move in date and different rental price points and all of whom want to live in different boroughs or different neighborhoods.

In all this time I am still amazed by how much I learn with each client. And how I am reflected back when helping someone find an apartment.

Every one of my clients has a unique situation that each one has to overcome. One is renting for the first time, one has bad credit, another just resumed their career after going back to school for a couple of years, one wants to branch out on her own instead of continuing to be in a roommate situation, and another one just moved here from India.

Creativity cannot be under-rated when it comes to solving rental problems. Sometimes it isn’t just finding someone the right apartment but rather how I get someone from point A to point Z.

Something as simple as getting a landlord reference letter from a smaller landlord who isn’t friendly and who barks like a dog can feel pretty intimidating for a person who wants to leave because of a poor relationship with their landlord.

And so what I have started to do in situations like this is to write letters tailored to fit each person with the suggestion that “Hey, if you slide this under your landlord’s door, maybe he or she, will just sign it.” It works. It works. It works.

Or how to get a landlord to approve to his second choice when that second choice happens to be my client and I know that person is perfect for the apartment and vice-versa. This one is tricky and highly confidential. Part of my secret sauce, if you will. But we get the job done and in the end my clients are happy as well as the landlord.

While I try to work a Monday through Friday workweek, sometimes when helping someone get accepted with a smaller landlord it means working through the weekend. Which frankly is good with me.

It’s always rewarded by a client, whose happiness I can feel on the other end of the phone trumpeting: “I got the apartment and I love it, thank you!”

Hope you’re all doing good. Winter is almost over. Next month is Spring. Can’t wait.