I have to keep my garbage in the fridge. Help me move!

It wasn't until we were in mid-conversation that a newly minted attorney confessed: "I have to keep my garbage in the refrigerator and it solved my mice problem."

"That's very creative," I responded.

He lives in a sub level studio apartment in Chelsea. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term that means part of the apartment is below street level. The studio is well priced for a larger than market apartment and especially in the expensive neighborhood of Chelsea. Add to this he has a small garden in the rear and he has what most people would consider a steal. Mice, no sunlight and all. 

"I bet neither the broker or the landlord told you the apartment was had rodent issues."

"No, they didn't. It was exasperating at first but then I began to put my garbage in the fridge and I haven't seen another mouse. I also dont get a lot of light here and want to find something that is similar in size, without mice, and sunny so that I can do some work from home, and I want it for the same price," he moaned.

"The reason your apartment is priced so well is because the landlord knew about the on-going rodent infestation."

"That makes sense." 

I get this a lot. People have problem apartments they want to get away from. In many cases the person no longer wants to put up with the issues. In this particular case: he simply doesnt want to live with the threat of another rodent infestation. However, he has grown to really like the neighborhood and now wants to replicate the price.

This isn't always possible. It's almost impossible.

If someone is paying below market for an apartment in a great neighborhood the low price reflects there is probably something wrong with the apartment. No sunlight was another one of his complaints. So now he wants sunny, spacious, and an above street level apartment in Chelsea for below market price. 

I suggested he take an apartment one block away. The price was similar. The problem with the space was that the landlord put fake walls into a studio apartment and called it a one bedroom. False advertising. Fake one bedroom. However, at least the problem in this instance can be seen and not experienced after he moves in.

In New York City you really do get what you pay for. If you are either unwilling or unable to pay market rate and insist on get more for your money then you might be the next person who has to start putting your garbage in the fridge.