It's rental season frenzy: I'm feeling satisfaction

Hello Everyone! 

It's been a while since I could set aside a few minutes to write. Rental season is in full swing and referrals have been many. My cup runneth over, as they say, as I watch my clients go through the process. 

Prepare their paperwork which really takes more time on their part than the actual apartment hunt. Then their GO SEE day and the constant flurry of phone calls and texts as I walk them through "Hey, say this, don't say this." "You want to get in front of the landlord today and you want an answer today." 

And then their lease signing which is typically the day after. 

So many leases signed. So many happy clients. 

One of my newest clients sent me about seven referrals and one of these people said to me: "What I know about you is that you're going to find me the perfect apartment and maybe all I need to do is see the one you like the best." 


That's soul satisfaction. 

Another client who I am currently helping confided in me: "It's so stressful because when you find out you have to move you have like 30 days. Within those 30 days you still have a full-time job. Then you have to deal with all the fake ads and all the brokers who waste your time. I couldn't sleep at night; it was that intense, until I stumbled upon you." 

I've been helping people for a long time and somewhere along the way I'd lost track of that sense of stress. Yes. People still work full time jobs. They put in 50, maybe 60 hours each week. Working in the city with good paying jobs requires intense dedication. Having to find an apartment that meets your needs without having to resume the search in another year is like having a second full time job. 

I see all the new apartment listings every day. I dream apartments. I know what's going up where. I know who is a better landlord and who sold what building to whom. And while I can select a good apartment for a particular client (because really, no two people have to same requirements) I'd forgotten about the constant stress apartment seekers in the city live with. 

It made me re-think the process and look at things that might have annoyed me: like someone not returning my call in a prompt manner in a different light. 

Good apartments last a nano second. Seriously. And communication is key when I work with someone -- because you're the person who is going to call the landlord. So while I may take away a good portion of the stress related to the apartment hunt I realize it is virtually impossible to remove all of it. 

When I hear a client's voice on the other end of the phone sound 100% more relaxed than when we first spoke stating: "I've been approved and they just sent me a copy of the lease!" -- this gives me an intense feeling of satisfaction. 

My clients are happy. 

I am happy. 

Gotta run. Today I need to find the perfect place for a few of other people. One of them is a couple who is getting married at the same time they need a move in date. The kicker: they're the calmest of the bunch. 

It's going to be okay, folks, it really is. Enjoy your summer!