Works at Google and Needs to be Within Walking Distance.

AptStar Case Study #5

Works at Google and Needs to be Within Walking Distance

A software engineer who works at Google's Chelsea 8th Avenue office spent a couple of days looking at subpar apartments with brokers. He then found me through a referral. 

"I'm super frugal," he confessed during our initial chat, "and I have to be able to walk to work." He then added: "I have been calling landlords directly, but no one is responding to my calls, and I don't want to pay brokers for basically just walking me to an apartment." 

It was a difficult request because within his desired budget (in Chelsea) what he wanted was really an above average apartment with bells and whistles (like laundry on site, elevator, etc), but with a below market rental price. 

I told him I would only be able to give him one apartment. Only one apartment, in my opinion, would work perfectly for him. It was an alcove studio with a balcony in his price range. However, if he didn't see it immediately it would be forever gone. 

He hired me on the spot and put together his documents very quickly, because even though he's one of the brightest people in the city, it's all about how well a person's financials look on paper to a prospective landlord. 

The apartment was "perfect," he beamed over the phone and marveled at how I was able to so quickly identify the ideal spot. "I've been in the industry a long time," I explained, "and so I have a gut instinct on what apartment and landlord works with a certain person." 

Two years later he is still happy in his "perfect" apartment and has since sent me referrals.