How one client bypassed the dreaded broker.

AptStar Case Study #1

How One Client Bypassed the Ominous Broker

An AptStar client was completely in love with an apartment he had seen through a broker, and of course, it had a big 15% broker fee attached to it. I had an idea: I knew the landlord owned a coffee shop just across the street from the coveted apartment. 

I instructed him to go to the coffee shop after the breakfast rush and before the lunch crowd -- told him to order some coffee, pull out his phone and start talking about the difficulties of finding a rental apartment. 

The landlord/owner overheard his conversation and immediately began to sell him on the great apartment he had for rent just across the street. 

"What a coincidence," beamed the landlord as he looked through the complete set of documents my client presented even before seeing the apartment.

The rest, well, you know what happened - he got the apartment. Direct with the landlord and without the broker fee. Courtesy of me and my AptStar Program - where I make anything happen.