You got us views of the Empire State Building!

AptStar Case Study #2

From Chicago to New York City: "You Got us Views of the Empire State Building!"

A couple from Chicago contacted me to have me help them find a great apartment since they were relocating to New York City. They wanted to save as much money as they could. Both of them are CPAs and both work for Deloitte -- so if anyone knows about money -- they did. 

On the morning of their "go see" I gave them the necessary instructions on how to get an appointment directly with the landlord (not as easy as it sounds). 

They called me back and told me they were going to pass on their preferred apartment (I gave them four amazing picks) because the application fee was $400 per person. 

I knew this was incorrect. 

I instructed them to call back. 

They were hesitant because they didn't want to "bother the landlord." 

"You are going to lose a great apartment over a misunderstanding. Please call them back." 

They did. 

The application fee was $100 each as I expected. 

They went to see the over-sized apartment and called me to tell me they loved it. "It has views of The Empire State Building!" they exclaimed. 

"Don't eat lunch, don't wait, go straight to their office and submit an application," I urged. 

Armed with their financial documents which we spent about one week discussing they went straight to the office and to their dismay saw another couple accompanied by a broker trying to apply for the same apartment. 

However, the other couple didn't have their financials on hand, nor were they as organized as my couple was courtesy of the time we spent pre-planning for the approval process. 

My clients were approved on the spot and signed their lease before the end of that day. 

"Thank you so much for your help even before we saw the apartment. We still cannot believe you got us an amazing apartment in one day and without the broker fee!" 

I love it every time a client says this to me.